Our Hunters

The Spinone Italiano is Italy’s all-purpose hunting dog so it stands to reason we’re proud of our proven hunters. Spinoni as hunters generally fall into three main categories: titled, tested, and free-spirits (those whose title(s) or testing is/are in progress, or those whose owners elected not to get them titled or tested but still actively hunt or do hunt training with them). Those titled and/or tested are listed here.

AKC-titled Hunters

AKC hunt titles for the Spinone breed include pointing and retrieving options: Pointing Breed Hunt Tests, Pointing Breed Field Trials, and Retriever Hunting Tests. In both types — tests and trials — it takes a set number of qualifying outings and other criteria that varies per title being earned.

NAVHDA-tested Hunters

NAVHDA testing looks at versatility by combining aspects of searching, pointing, and retrieving in all of their four levels of testing: natural ability (NA) test, utility prep test (UPT), utility test (UT), and invitational. Entrants receive a pass/no pass with points for each category judged. If the entrant passes, they earn a Prize designation based on points earned: I (highest scores), II, or III.