How I got Started with the Spinone Italiano

Growing up we always had a variety of animals.


In the early 90’s I decided it was time to have a 4 legged companion. My older daughter worked at a boarding kennel at the time and brought me home a girl of unknown background, Elvira. Then my boss decided Elvira needed a friend and my daughter needed a dog to show, so Kallie the golden retriever entered. Kallie loved training classes but hated to show. When Elvira died suddenly Kallie needed a friend so I got my first English Lab, Bella.

My adventures in the world of purebred show dogs began in full. I had a great mentor in labs and learned so much. Meanwhile, my daughter showed the dogs and enjoyed the activity.

In 1999 I decided I would like a different breed, one I can show myself. I started looking and found the Spinoni. I had seen a Spinone on one of my trips to Italy but was so busy at the time with work, I gave no thought to the breed. After many phone calls, I spoke with a breeder who had many of the same ideas that I had. So in July 2000, my Spinone adventures began. I flew to Kentucky and met Pat Fendley, Mals About Spinone. With her guidance, I was able to pick my first Spinone, Mals-About Echowin Gavi. Gavi has opened many doors for me and has helped me make many new friends from all over the US. Pat has become a great friend and mentor.